Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gina's Life

Update: You will never see "Gina's Life."

This is CWC's long-lost short film adaptation.

At creative writing club get-togethers, Matt O'Haver would read "Gina's Life," a lengthy story that somehow mixes modes of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and arguably historical drama. We would laugh a lot.

"Hahaahaaahahah." -us, listening to Matt reading "Gina's Life."

In 2008, Gabe Webb wrote an incredibly faithful screen adaptation. What you see above is what was on the page. Over the summer, he asked me if I wanted to shoot it. We made it and had a private screening at the CWC get-together. We agreed to not release it publicly, partly out of guilt, but also to not deter future inevitable bad submissions. (We also already had sort of a reputation of appearing exclusionary, so we didn't think putting this out there would help our case.) In 2010 I managed to get a copy of the video on a dusty DVD. The last time it was showed publicly was at the premiere of my movie "Return to Danger Mountain" in 2010.

This past week, soon after CWC posted their 100th video, Gabe sent me a message, asking me to loose this work unto YouTube, saying, "It's time."

Oh how it is.

Directed by Gabe Webb
Shot by Brandon Walsh
Edited by Gabe Webb
Executive Produced by Jordan Cox
Narrated by Matt O'Haver
Starring Aamena Ansari, Alex Carlisle, Ryan Padgham, Jacqui Sheehan, Alie Hansen, Jordan Cox, and Jessie Eppelheimer