Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aguierredos, the Poliwrath of Goddish - A Documentary About Pokémon

Fullscreen it, 1080p on it.

Here’s a documentary I made about Pokémon, the game, tournament, people and culture. It’s a follow-up to a home video I made last year called “Snorlax Like Me.” This is all at the 2012 Pokémon National Championships at the Indiana Convention Center. I tried to be critical without being damning, which is a line you kind of have to walk blindly.

( If you found this particular style of documentary I do interesting, you may wanna watch this more extensive thing I did about a guy named Hank and college life and stuff- )

The title of this is a play on “Augirre, the Wrath of God,” pronounced “ahh-gee-ray-dose, the poly-wrath of god-dish.”

Here are 50 alternate titles if you don’t like the one I chose:

Apocalypse Meowth
Black Swanna
Parasectual Healing
Driving Miss Misty
One Flew Over The Hoothoot's Nest
The Waillord of the Ursarings: The Return of The Kingdra
The Girl With The Dragonite Tattoo
Professor Oakback Mountain
Geodude, Where's My Car?
Porygon With The Wind
Magikarp Mike
War Horsea
Todadile Recall
One Night In Paras
Cool Story, Slowbro
Tentacool Runnings
The Wizard of Onix
Kill Bill's
PC The Haunter Games
Up In The Aerodactyl
The Molrtres Amigos
Hotel Kadabra
Ho-Oh Brother Where Art Thou
Skitty Skitty Bang Bang
Chiddy Chiddy KlingKlang
Skitty Skitty KlingKlang
District Ninetails
Hitmontop Gun
Metapod World Peace
Staryu Wars
The Good The Bad and The Purugly
The Taming of the Sandshrew
Citizen Arcanine
Registeel Magnolias
Starly and Me
The Donphantom of the Opera
How To Train Your Dragonair
The Nidoking's Speech
Million Dollar Magby
Magmarch of the Penguins
Donnie Darkrai
The Green Lanturn
Winter's Cubone
Eternal Sunkern of Spotless Mr. Mime
The 40 Year Old Virizion
Crouching Gligar Hidden Druddigon
Black Beautifly

(Alternate titles thought up by Zach Dalton, Mike Newman, Brandon Walsh and Dustin Zimmerman on one giggly evening.)

“Augirredos, the Poliwrath of Goddish” – made by Brandon Walsh