Thursday, August 19, 2010

Greatest Summer Hits

I figured that since I'm going to take a little time off, here are some of my favorite and best recent posts. (I know-- I know. I hate it when people do this, too.)

(P.S. - This break is indefinite, but I'm still writing.)

"Let The Work of Change Begin" - Sometimes I'll look back at something I did and wonder, "When was I ever there?" I love this, so much so that I put it in a movie.

"I watched all three Twilight movies in one day and wrote about doing that / My Suicide Note" - Despite this being a horrible experience, it was a lot of fun to do. Oh, and this is the longest thing I've ever written, which is pathetic.

"What We're Doing" - The Habitat for Humanity New Orleans trip short I did. I like this because I feel that people who didn't even go on the trip can watch it and feel loved, if only a little.

"Conerning Pathos" - I'm glad I wrote down this little reminder.

"The Adventures of Dusky Panther" - This essay feels formal to me. Maybe it is.

"Si Vis Amari Ama" - This is a diary entry I did at a pretty low point, but I guess people liked it.

"Thoughts on Toy Story 3" - I punched this out right after I saw it. After doing that and feeling special, I saw that's pretty much what everyone did after seeing this movie, so I no longer felt special. I still feel I made some point with this.

"Of Jersey Shore, My Dougie, and Other Things" - I did two video vlogs this summer. Glad I had an outlet to let out my silly/frustration. I think satirizing can be the best/worst way to do that.

"Ceteris Paribus" - Pretty much nobody talked to me about this short remake I did of the old 60s TV show "The Outer Limits." People probably didn't like it. I understand why, but I still do.

"It's A Party" - Kind of a ragtag account of college orientation tied together with my political view.

Thank you. I probably love you.

Funny Sufjan released an album now. That's not fair. (I like tracks 2 and 5.)

<a href="">All Delighted People (Original Version) by Sufjan Stevens</a>

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What We're Doing

I’m in a place. I guess I was yesterday, too, but that was a different place. Until now I’ve never had a moment where I went away, came back, and returned to thinking that I was tired of this old pattern, tired of these old folks. I’m tired of sucking from a tube of photo albums of drunken parties that I never go to and watching videos that serve no purpose and accepting friend requests from people I’ve never met and exposing myself to a culture that doesn’t concern me, so I’m changing subscriptions. I was shown freedom and I want it back. Tomorrow I won’t be where I was yesterday because I’m already not there. I’m not here, either. I’m in New Orleans with the people I love.