Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just Some Videos

So I don't have much time to say anything because I'm very quite busy, but believe me when I say there are. Things are in desperate need of slowing down.

Here are some videos I showed this past week.

And I'm in my school play on November 12th and 14th at 7! It'll probably be my last show, and it's not a horribly written one.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Things Not Really True Concerning Death

Television has always instructed me to, "Live like you are dying." It has never occurred to me until rather recently that this goes the other way, too. Nobody wants to die old. Nobody wants to lose a long battle against cancer. Nobody even wants to be flung out of a car nowadays. That's just boring. Commonplace. Typical. Someone who used to be my best friend died in a boring manner just last year, and I have been thinking of this since. I asked some friends of mine of what would be their "Super Sweet Death." I find that many deathventures include a certain Humpty Dumpty complex. That is, of the prospect of never being put back together again, be it by a rocket launcher to the face or less grotesque dismemberment (though most were explosive). I myself have never thought deeply of the day of my death, nor have I bothered to spend time to wonder how it would happen. I do have fears of death, however. I have gone through high school without anyone "understanding" me, in particular, and my greatest fear is going through the rest of my life like this.
But if my death was chosen, then it would be the most baller shit ever. I'll give a crack at it. Here's how my final day would go. I would have this jar of peanuts. And all I'm doing the whole day is just monching down on these peanuts, so much that the taste of them makes me vomit profusely. Except the vomit will be peanut butter, I will direct my mouth to nearby slices of bread, and I make sandwiches out of it. I gather together everyone who has ever wronged me in a room where I will provide each with a sandwich. After a minute of eating, I inform the group that they ingested my vomit, and this results in further vomit. Real vomit, this time. The room fills up in it and I drown. My wrongdoers are fine, but they forever fear the taste of peanut butter. My ghost returns to my corpse and says, "I have left quite a mess."

Where the Wild Things Are was precious.

This is a teaser for a film I am making.

This song is lovely (just press HQ to make it play).
Does personally connecting with a song on the New Moon soundtrack make me like Edward Cullen, in any way? Either way, here's Bon Iver and St. Vincent's "Roslyn."



I deleted my myspace. I think I want to be a good person.

I miss you, Thomas.