Saturday, August 15, 2009

Much Ado About Twilight

Something silly happened today.

I was driving home from tennis practice, taking a shortcut through a neighborhood. I turned a corner to see what was possibly 30 geese standing in the middle of the street. I came to a stop and sat for awhile. After about 20 seconds I started laughing and figured I would just stick around.

This was until Tyler Scanlan, a fellow teammate, sped right by me, honking wildly and making the creatures run away, wings flapping. This, too, made me laugh.

Oh yeah, school started. I doubt that I will be able to keep my head above water, but that's not really bad. I think people try too much to exist outside of the cacophonous.

That's probably a moral code for all things metal.

Best get climbing.

Oh, and I'll upload something on Vimeo soon.

Edit: Told you I'd do it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The end is near.

I just saw an ad for a new "John and Kate Plus 8" episode. Kate was taking the kids to the beach, saying, "I just don't think there's better therapy than the beach."

No Kate. Therapy is a better therapy than the beach. Cable television is not therapy. I mean- shit.

In other news, hello everyone. My schooling is afoot, and it doesn't seem all that bad.

I'm not sure when I began addicted to working, but it probably happened on some late night working on my school's newspaper alongside Alie Hansen, who always worked four hours longer than I did and who I, consequently, hate with the love of a thousand burning suns.

John Huges died. Why oh why couldn't it have been Chris Columbus?

Sometimes I fantasize things how things that shouldn't be adapted into movies would turn out if they were adapted into movies. Lately I've been playing quite a bit of Monopoly on Xbox. One night I was joking around with my sister of how they would make it into some rags to riches depression era story of Mr. Moneybags and how it would be an even shittier version of Cinderella Man.

My wishes have been granted?

Quick poll: Which song makes you more proud to be an American?

I made a Vimeo account. I'll probably update it with a video in high definition every week. I want it to be a video resume, of sorts.

Edit: Here's my first upload, the Prelude version of "Something Important."

Yeah, it's wobbly when embedded, but it can be seen in glorious HD here.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I went to the Senior Open golfing tournament for old people today with my dad. I do not understand why Asian people sport tight white pants with leather belts, or how they have rookies in a "Senior Open." Also, every person around my age who is into golf wears a collar and appears to be a douchebag. Everyone else is just a high class bro. Outside of the douchebags, everyone is really nice, though. This is probably because we're all watching golf. It's like, I imagine you would get along with your cell mates in prison. The douchebags in golf are to the rapists in jail, which I hear so much about.


My super sweet 18 went over well. I have to make a shift in thinking in that the more illegal things I do the less serious talking tos I'll get replaced with more jail time. I think I'm going to stop downloading things.

I was at Half Price Books the other day and I was shifting through a shelf aimlessly. I came across a book of non required reading compiled by Dave Eggers (who co-wrote the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie) and a bunch of high schoolers who think that they're the shit. But hey! There's an introduction by Sufjan Stevens! I freaked. Very silently, but I freaked. I started skimming through this book, determining if it was just a way of squeezing change out of trashy hipsters like me or if it was really worth a damn (which it certainly is). It wasn't until a mom passed by me with a disturbing glare that I realized that I was also under the erotica section. Yeah, they put a huge section of erotica next to books that are porn to me. I think I may want to work for Half Price next summer. Anybody? Anybody?

Monopoly on Xbox is amazing.

I'm gonna go write comedy.

Last edit, I swear.

So I'm writing something for the literary magazine right now and I was looking through some books that I read a while ago and forgot why I enjoyed them. I sound stupid. Anyway, of all of the Narnia books, my favorite was always The Horse and His Boy. The story goes that there's this boy who is really depressed, so much so that he begins talking to this horse. One day, the horse talks back and they run away to Narnia to go on an adventure.

I never realized how fucking gay that was.

And I remember being pissed when they decided to stop making the Narnia movies because I always envisioned myself as the boy riding on the back of the shining talking stallion. Now I realize that it would probably look like this.

Childhood ruined. Thanks, Clive Staples.